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Who we are

Axon Trade is an institutional-grade OEMS for digital asset trading. We provide a unique combination of services such as FIX API for digital asset trading, real-time normalized market data feeds, low-latency execution services, and a secure environment inside Equinix data centers.


What we do

FIX API for Trading

Unified FIX 4.4 to trade across multiple digital asset exchanges. All routing destinations are available through a single FIX session.
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Real-time normalized market data feeds

Use Axon Trade FIX Market Data services to receive quote streams with normalized symbology, in optimized data format (only actual changes), with a full book (L2) plus trades, without crossed levels.
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Order Management

Axon Trade maintains the state of your orders internally, carefully tracking every change, so you can easily see what is happening and react accordingly.

Position Management

See and manage your distributed portfolio using a single solution from Axon Trade. Every change of your positions is recorded and can be used in real-time to drive trading algorithms or generate reports.

Normalized trading history

Generate reports using the Axon Trade trading history database that contains hi-res timestamps, execution prices and sizes, and commissions. Stop worrying about exchanges dropping trades history after three months.

Axon Trade mLink

Turnkey and cost-effective solution for MetaTrader 4 and 5 brokers looking to offer digital asset trading to their clients.
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How we are different from other companies

Crypto-friendly OEMS system

Trade and manage your digital assets through a single platform


Use FIX 4.4 for both trading and market data streaming

More Exchanges

Axon Trade supports major US, European, and Asian exchanges

Support and Maintenance

Axon Trade handles all exchanges' protocol updates and changes for you

Integration-friendly environment

Manage all your accounts and routing destinations centrally using a simple API

Secure Environment

Axon Trade utilizes Equinix infrastructure to run its own isolated trading ecosystem

Low-latency connectivity

Axon Trade uses private internet lines to reduce network latency

Agency Trader

Trade on behalf of all your clients using just a single FIX session

Low added latency

Axon Trade software-added latency is about 35 microseconds

Different deployment options

Cross-connect or co-locate with Axon Trade within Equinix, or use our secure and cost-effective VPS services

Easy onboarding and setup

Start trading across the World in just a few days

Assistance with integration

Use our code library or chat with real engineers during integration for a frictionless experience


What industries we serve and what problems we solve

Proprietary Trading Firms

For professionals, actively trading on traditional or digital markets focused on tuning their models to capture the alpha instead of being in a connectivity and infrastructure management business we offer:

  • Optimized and normalized real-time market data feeds
  • Unified FIX API for trading across multiple exchanges
  • Managed connectivity to exchanges

Hedge Funds

For administrators, both crypto-only and markets agnostic, looking to have full visibility across multiple venues and be able to intervene quickly and efficiently, we provide:

  • Ability to see all orders, all positions, and all trading history across multiple exchanges
  • Easy integration process
  • High level of security

Market Makers

For top tier market participants such as liquidity providers, actively represented on both buy and sell sides, that demand unparalleled execution speed and visibility, we offer:

  • Full visibility across multiple digital asset markets
  • Low latency execution services
  • Real-time updates on execution and balances changes

Trading Platforms

For platforms of any kind - front-ends, API providers, trading bots you name it we offer a simple but powerful solution that can be easily integrated into your existing workflow. With Axon Trade, you can add (or improve existing setup) support of digital assets within days.

  • Single connetivity between our and your servers
  • Simple API to manage clients' accounts
  • White-label ready FIX gateways for trading and market data


For software development companies or ISVs that don’t want to lock up themselves in exchanges integrations limbo and looking to provide the best possible service to their clients we already have a solution and it's free to try!

  • Single API that covers multiple exchanges
  • Simple API to manage client accounts, fetch orders or trading history, and much more
  • Publicly available code samples
  • Training sessions and support
  • Rebates program


Exchanges we have integrations with


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