Unified FIX 4.4 to trade across multiple digital asset exchanges. All routing destinations are available through a single FIX session


Universal Financial Communication

The Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol, established in 1992, serves as the universal communication language for global financial transactions.


Modified FIX 4.4 Support

Axon Trade supports a slightly modified FIX 4.4 version for market data streaming and trading, catering to market makers, proprietary trading companies, brokers, hedge funds, trading platforms, and banks.


Market Access

Utilizing Axon Trade`s low latency and high throughput FIX gateway, market participants can seamlessly access digital asset exchanges and liquidity pools, reducing integration time to mere weeks or months.


Efficient Operations Scaling

Axon Trade OEMS facilitates efficient scale-up or down of trading operations, enabling easy addition or removal of exchanges through simple configuration adjustments.


High-Frequency Trading Capability

Our systems boast the capability to process tens of millions of orders daily per client, making them ideally suited for high-frequency trading scenarios.


Comprehensive Execution Control

A rich set of messages provided by our systems offers complete control over the execution process and ensures total transparency on assets under management.

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