OKX Guidelines

Step 1: Add a new account

1. Sign in to your Axon Trade account

2. In the Organization section (see the list of sections on the left sidebar) click the green Add button located in the top right corner of the screen.  In the pop-up form enter the name of your organization’s account (field Account) and select the data center you would like to be connected to (drop-down Data Center). Press Save

3. In the next pop-up just press Close.

Step 2: Configure your OKX account in demo trading mode

1. Go to your OKX account and turn on the demo trading mode: TradeDemo trading.

2. Click on the user icon in the top right corner and select Demo Trading API.

4. Click on the Create a V5 API key for demo trading button. You will see the form with the field called IP address whitelist.

5. In order to add the IP address, go back to your Axon Trade account and open ServicesOrders RoutingStatic Public API.

6. Click on the green round in the top right corner to expand the Demo Environment row.

7. Copy the IP address.

8. Go back to your OXK account and paste the IP address into the IP address whitelist field.

9. Enter the API name and Passphrase in the corresponding field.

10. Go back to your Axon Trade account, and open Organization[Account]. Click on the green Add button in the top right corner of the screen to add a new exchange.

11. In the pop-up form type OKX and select it (field Exchange). The field Name will be filled automatically. After that three new fields will appear below: API Key, Password, and Private Key. 

12. Copy the passphrase from your OKX account to the Password field in your Axon Trade account.

13. Go back to your OKX account, check Trade at the bottom of the form, and press Confirm.

14. Pass the 2-factor authentification process.

Step 3: Connect your OKX account to your XTRD account

1. Copy the API key from the pop-up in your OKX account and paste it to the API Key and Private Key fields correspondingly in the pop-up form in your Axon Trade account, and press Save.

21. Go back to OKX and press Confirm.

23. Click on the button with three lines at the left part of the OKX row and select Start

24. Wait for a few seconds and you’re all set.

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