November 4, 2019

Recap after Europe Trading Show 2019

For Axon Trade, the Trading Show has become a must-attend event. Our team usually attends Chicago and New York venues, completely ignoring other destinations. This year we decided to change our approach and try London!


Long story short — it was more than successful! The exhibition took place only for one day on October 17th but at the moment of writing this small update (November 1) we are still conducting followup calls with contacts obtained during the show.

Unlike the US, the floor in this particular show was almost immediately crowded (famous British punctuality?). We came to the show as a team of three people and this was really a smart move. Numerous conversations regarding differing topics — trading, banking, exchange technologies, future of digital assets, regulation and so on. Tough but interesting questions to answer!


Speaking of Axon Trade services — people mainly were interested in market data and order routing — how many exchanges are covered, what is our latency, how secure our facility etc. It worth to mention several companies that stopped by our booth

BookMap, TradingView, Vauban, PICO, OKEx, Binance, Edelweiss Financial Services, ITS Trading, LGO Markets, Quazard Gaming, Sprinkle Group. We are working hard to see them as partners or clients one day!


Fun fact — absolutely unexpectedly I found myself as a speaker for 1 PM slot:) Luckily, I had with me my old version of “The Cold, Hard Truth about Crypto Adoption” which I reused once again. Can’t say it was super successful or at least caused continues discussion (like it happened in New York) but I learned this lesson — no more philosophy on stage:)


It was really nice to meet our old friends from Avelacom, Exablaze, and Onix Solutions.