October 12, 2018

New York Trading Show recap

One of the biggest advantages of Terrapin’s Trading Shows is that they are a nice combination of traditional financial technologies (servers, NICs, service providers, hedge funds reps) and emerging crypto-markets. This helps companies to understand each other’s technologies, workflows, pain-points, establish good contacts and relationships.


Axon Trade, as a Bronze sponsor, had a booth that gave us the ability to promote our services in a more efficient manner as compared to only walking around.

Most of the people we met were traditional finance hedge or broker-dealer guys looking to add the new digital asset classes into their portfolio. This is why Axon Trade’s way to provide routes (FIX 4.4, cross-connection) to the cryptocurrency exchanges works the best — this is a natural way for these people to trade.


We also spoke to several crypto-only hedge funds that were interested in our real-time market data feeds and forthcoming GUI platform.

In addition to the regular in-booth activities, we had a chance to run a presentation during the all-exhibitions prime-time — around noon. Based on a number of questions afterwards, it went very well. If you ever spoke on stage you, probably, are familiar with this unpleasant moment — “Ok, we have 5 minutes for questions…” and zero interest from the auditorium:)


Two boxes of business cards later, with literally no ability to speak, we realized that even more work is coming. Numerous follow-ups, in-person meetings, calls — this is how we spent past eight days.

To name a few — we hosted BitGo and OTCXN in our office to discuss potential cooperation.

Axon Trade will definitely participate in upcoming Trading Show 2019 in Chicago. This is the right place to be to promote our services to the financial community.