October 11, 2018

Axon Trade product update — October 11, 2018

Those who don’t learn history, are doomed to repeat it. Because of our experience in the Equity and FX space, we are facing a real deja-vu in crypto. Retail driving markets followed by institutional players, initially dispersed pools of liquidity lately consolidated into one global eco-system.

Of course, crypto markets are different to the let’s say, FX but core concepts will remain the same.

And, based on our own forecasts and observing huge interest from institutional players, we are exploring several promising venues:

– become a licensed market data vendor. Our tech stack allows us to stream market data in a very efficient way (check this articles for details). Axon Trade is in negotiation with several exchanges (names will be disclosed shortly) to obtain a legal agreement to resell this data. It opens a door to many companies like Bloomberg, Reuters, ICE and so on.

– become an active member of the upcoming clearinghouse/prime brokerage shift. We currently running several pilot projects with cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional clearinghouses to bring this concept to production. Axon Trade role is a pipe between buy-side firms (and market makers) from one side and exchanges and prime brokers — from another side.