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What products and services do you offer?

Axon Trade is an institutional-grade OEMS for digital asset trading. We provide a unique combination of services such as FIX API for digital asset trading, real-time normalized market data feeds, low-latency execution services, and a secure environment inside Equinix data centers. 

Currently, we offer three key products: 

  • FIX API for Trading. Unified FIX 4.4 to trade across multiple digital asset exchanges. All routing destinations are available through a single FIX session. Read more
  • Real-time normalized market data feeds. Use Axon Trade FIX Market Data services to receive quote streams with normalized symbology, in optimized data format (only actual changes), with a full book (L2) plus trades, without crossed levels. Read more
  • Axon Trade mLink. Turnkey and cost-effective solution for MetaTrader 4 and 5 brokers looking to offer digital asset trading to their clients. Read more

What is the OEMS for crypto trading?

OEMS, also known as O/EMS, is an abbreviation for Order and Execution Management System. In the beginning, there were two separate types of software known as OMS and EMS, which eventually merged into a unified system. In the present era of consolidation, modern OEMS systems have evolved to offer a wider range of functionalities, such as enhanced position management and streamlined settlement processes.

OEMS is responsible for various tasks, including order entry and execution across multiple liquidity providers, analytics, real-time market data streaming and charts, transaction cost analysis, and more. The system can be accessed both by human users and programmatically through APIs like FIX.

In contrast to traditional markets like FX, a significant portion of crypto OEMSs is dedicated to managing connectivity. While FIX is widely understood by most liquidity providers in the FX space, with specifications that have remained unchanged for years, establishing a TCP/IP connection on a Monday may be disconnected within a week. This dynamic environment adds a certain “spice” to the process of connectivity management in the crypto realm, introducing additional complexity.

What are the functions and benefits of OEMS for crypto trading?

  • Normalized FIX API for trading and market data. Our platform utilizes FIX 4.4 for both market data and trading sessions, ensuring consistent formatting across various exchanges. This means that quotes from exchanges like Binance and Coinbase Pro will appear identical, and the trading process will remain consistent, despite the distinct nature of each exchange.
  • Access to multiple crypto exchanges. Axon Trade OEMS is seamlessly connected to major crypto exchanges in the US, Europe, and Asia. Through a single TCP/IP connection (or distributed connections), traders can execute operations across different venues.
  • Active orders management. Our servers continually replicate and update information about clients’ orders. Each trade confirmation or cancellation dynamically adjusts the representation of orders stored in memory.
  • Access to trading history. We retain records of every order transmitted through our system, along with every execution report received. There are no limitations on data retention, ensuring that all information remains accessible. Trading activity details encompass exchange-assigned IDs, timestamps, trade prices, sizes, and associated fees.
  • Multitenant design. Axon Trade OEMS for crypto is designed to support multiple independent resources within a single organization. For example, trading desk accounts can have their own connections to exchanges, balances, and segregated FIX sessions for trading. This separation of resources ensures non-interference between accounts, facilitating the development of trading platforms on top of the Axon Trade stack.
  • Normalized symbol naming. Since exchanges tend to create unique naming conventions, we have developed and maintain our own comprehensive directory covering spot and derivatives markets.
  • Robust connectivity management. We diligently monitor outgoing connectivity statuses. In the event of any issues (which unfortunately occur due to ongoing infrastructure development), we promptly notify clients, disable trading on affected destinations, and resume operations once normal connectivity is restored. Re-establishing connections involves intricate synchronization procedures, encompassing the verification of open orders, trading history, and position changes.
  • Demo environment. To mitigate risk during integration testing, Axon Trade OEMS provides a dedicated demo environment that replicates our production services. This environment includes market data streams and a management API, allowing users to assess functionality without risking real funds.
  • Management API. In addition to the FIX API for trading and market data, we offer a REST-based API for managing your organization’s assets. This API enables control over accounts, exchange connectivity, FIX sessions, and access rights. It can also be utilized to retrieve trading history, positions, and open orders.

Do you serve individual retail traders or work only with institutional clients?

We do not distinguish between retail and institutional traders as long you are familiar with FIX API. 

We are primarily an API-driven platform, so if you feel comfortable with conducting integration using existing OEMS, trading tools, or general-purpose programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Rust, and so on – then we are a perfect fit for you. 

Do you offer co-located hosting and cross-connection to all major crypto exchanges as one solution?

We offer cross-connections between your system and our servers, which are located in Equinix data centers.

You will utilize our low-latency channels by trading through the Axon Trade FIX gateway.  

Do your products have a graphic user interface?

Our GUI (we call it Clients Portal) serves management purposes like managing accounts, FIX sessions, API/Private keys, monitoring positions and balances, and viewing trading activity (including trading history). 

But we are not a graphical trading platform. We focused on API-driven execution.

Do you have integrations with market makers (like B2C2)?

Not at this moment. But we offer free integration services to our clients so if you are interested in a particular LP – just let us know.

Do you provide integration with FX platforms as well?

We are assets-agnostic. If you would like to trade crypto alongside FX and/or equity – just let us know and we will add the required LP(s).


How does integration work?

Axon Trade OEMS is built keeping the concept of easy integration in mind. We offer two sets of APIs: low-latency FIX 4.4 for market data and trading and REST API for managerial tasks.

Using FIX API, you can receive market data for the desired exchange with per symbol granularity, as well as send orders and receive execution confirmations for you or for your clients (if your system is a multi-tenant trading platform) using a single connectivity point.

The REST API allows automating administrative tasks which otherwise can be done through the Client’s Backoffice: create accounts, manage exchange keys, extract trading history, configure ACL for trading and FIX sessions access, and so on.

Here are some useful links:

What are the bandwidth requirements?

Required bandwidth depends on exchange, the number of required instruments, and how active the trading activity is on these markets. It’s mostly a case-by-case solution.

Nevertheless, here are some numbers to get a better feel of data streams.

  • Kraken(spot markets, 290 instruments): 5.5 Mbps
  • OKEx(spot markets, 394 instruments): 6.1 Mbps
  • Binance(spot markets, 511 instruments): 4.2 Mbps

Can you help me with integration?

In case you have an idea but do not have your own R&D department, or they are simply busy with other things – you always can count on us

We offer integration services and custom software development.

How to start

How can I connect to your services?

We offer several connectivity options carefully crafted to provide a secure and reliable operating environment.

Axon Trade servers are located in Equinix data centers in NY4, LD4, and TY8 and we offer cross-connection in all locations. You also can co-locate in our NY4 cabinet where we provide fully managed services.

Another option to consider is to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) through one of our connectivity partners.

What VPS partners do you work with?

Virtual servers give an option to quickly deploy and test your solutions without a big initial investment in infrastructure.

Below the list of our partners. Through them, you can easily rent a VPS which will already be connected to Axon Trade services. All cross-connection and network interface tunings are already pre-made by our teams.

Can I connect via public internet?

For security reasons, we do not offer access to our production environment over the public Internet.

Additionally, such connectivity has greater latency. If this is not an issue for your business case, consider using VPN tunnels. Axon Trade provides OpenVPN and IPSec profiles that give you the ability to trade without compromising security.

Do you have demo environment?

During integration, we offer access to our demo environment. Without risking real money, you can build your integration with our OEMS.
The big advantage of Axon Trade is that once you finished basic integration, exchanges can be switched easily without significant changes in your system.

We do not charge for access to our demo environment.

Even more so – during integration, our engineers will support you at every step – starting from access configuration, subscription and processing of market data feeds to sending your first orders!

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