Cryptocurrency Exchange Beaxy Partners with Axon Trade to Onboard Institutional Investors

Beaxy has released details of a partnership with Axon Trade, whose trading engine is prized for its low latency and high performance. As an all-in-one platform, Beaxy will service retail and institutional investors, with the latter group aided with the support of Axon Trade. Beaxy was founded with the goal of improving the crypto trading experience for investors of all kinds. Its ethos aligns closely with that of Axon Trade, which connects exchanges within the cryptocurrency ecosystem for the benefit of all participants.

As a result of the partnership, Beaxy will link to Axon Trade’s universal FIX API, enabling it to provide access for institutional investors wishing to purchase cryptocurrency in a secure and user-friendly environment. The arrangement will see Beaxy provide white glove support for Axon Trade clients. Through combining their technical know-how and collaborating closely, both platforms intend to make the onboarding process easier for institutional investors, and to set new benchmarks for other cryptocurrency exchanges to aspire to.

“We have huge respect for the work Axon Trade have been doing to improve the crypto trading experience through their efficient trade execution technology that was perfected in the traditional financial markets,” said Beaxy CEO Artak. “Through exposing Axon Trade to Beaxy’s growing community of traders, we’re confident that we can demonstrate the benefits of combining superior technology with excellent customer service to create a trading environment that is more enjoyable, and ultimately more profitable for investors”.

The increasing influx of so-called smart money into the cryptocurrency market is predicted to bring with it an expectation of enhanced performance, particularly from institutional investors who are accustomed to financial markets in which downtime is minimal and orders are matched quickly and efficiently, with high liquidity and low spreads. The Beaxy platform is already accessible in demo form ahead of fully launching upon completion of a token sale commencing on September 1st. Thereafter, traders will be able to experience the feature-rich platform for themselves, powered by Axon Trade’s advanced technology.

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