Axon Trade Update: June 25, 2018


  • Alex presentation in Israel
  • News from Crypto Rico
  • New — Lex Sokolin from Autonomous Research answers our questions
  • Axon Trade events are on crypto calendars
  • Connecting Crypto: Why Unifying Crypto is Beneficial For All
  • Exclusive Weekly crypto update from Steven Aitchison
  • Clarity from the SEC — Bitcoin and Ether Likely Fail the Howey Test
  • Upcoming events

Alex presentation in Israel

Axon Trade CEO Alex Kravets presented at the Alchemist Money Summit in Tel Aviv last week upon the invitation of Ethereum co-founder Steven Nerayoff, discussing institutional entry into the cryptocurrency markets.

News from Crypto Rico

Axon Trade CTO Serg Gulko reveals the mystery around recent XTRD Puerto Rico trip in a short team update:

New — Lex Sokolin from Autonomous Research answers our questions

Lex Sokolin, Axon Trade advisor, Autonomous Research Fintech Strategy Director and Autonomous NEXT creator has shared his opinion on what will be the catalyst and commensurate timeline for institutional capital entry into the crypto space:

“There are several layers to institutional maturity. One is the entry of institutional investors, like large ETFs and mutual funds, into the space. Think about this as manufacturing of financial product. In order for this to happen, the manufacturer needs three things: custody, liquidity and the removal of regulatory overhang. While the value chain of custodians may indeed fundamentally change in response to decentralized networks, traditional investors still need legal custody of these assets. So the industry is working on what are essentially translation mechanisms of hardware and software (i.e., hot and cold storage) into accounts on a custodian that a fund can use. Once you have this, administration, taxes, performance reporting will follow.

Second, current trading happens on about 200 exchanges and another 50 (or more) over the counter venues. This means that markets are shallow, pricing is different across venues, and large trades are hard. Projects like Xtrade and others are tackling how to build the correct layers to connect these disjointed markets. And third, institutions need to remove the fear that regulation will make these assets uninvestable. In some way, it doesn’t particularly matter how the pie is sliced, as long as the risk of something unexpected is taken away.

Even more interesting is the maturity that will allow for these manufactured financial products (i.e., ETFs, funds) to be distributed in the regular wealth management ecosystem. This, I think, is more important longer term. Funds travel a long road from exchanges to broker/dealers to financial advisors and to consumers. On this road is asset allocation software, risk assessment, manager selection, performance reporting, financial planning, and roboadvisors. But until we have the underlying instruments ready, the rest cannot move forward.”

Axon Trade events are on crypto calendars

Starting from this week we will submit all the Axon Trade related events or the events we plan to visit on several crypto calendars, such as Coinmarketcal. Please support us by clicking the “Real” button, this will help us to promote our project via these channels. For now we’ve submitted three conferences we plan to visit and present with a booth/on stage:

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Connecting Crypto: Why Unifying Crypto is Beneficial For All

At Axon Trade, we believe that unifying crypto in a strategic way will help to address its problems and will be beneficial to all parties involved. By fusing the best practices of Wall Street, one of the most robust and stable sectors on the planet, with this emerging and exciting space, an entirely new level of potential is possible. Find more thoughts on that in our new article:

Exclusive Weekly crypto update from Steven Aitchison

Another exclusive weekly crypto update by Steven Aitchison — Youtube blogger and experienced crypto trader. This update contains weekly market overview, the most important cryptocurrency news from the last week and useful crypto trading tips. Please find more details in our blog post:

Clarity from the SEC — Bitcoin and Ether Likely Fail the Howey Test

Great new article by our friend Daniel G. Viola, Partner of Sadis & Goldberg, LLP — Clarity from the SEC — Bitcoin and Ether Likely Fail the Howey Test. Daniel is the Head of the Digital Asset and Compliance Groups at his firm and is also the founder of the Crypto Asset Webinars and the Blockchain Shift Conferences.

Upcoming events

To increase awareness of our project and attract more clients, partners, and new community members, Axon Trade will participate/speak at these events:

Feel free to stop by our exhibition booths and say “hello” or ask tough questions during roundtables.

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