Axon Trade FIX API Product Update — June 30th, 2018

Summer is usually associated with vacations, trips, and overall relaxation. But not for the Axon Trade team! We are using this time to be prepared for the upcoming autumn run.

First of all, we released the new version of FIX API gateway with added Binance support. So now our clients can receive normalized market data and trade on this exchange through our NY4 servers.

There are two exchanges in our “hot list” to be added in the next release — OKEx and Bittrex.

Secondly, we are also working to add more functionality, directly not related to exchanges integration.

To add more value into our real-time normalized market data feed, we decided to add crypto-related news streamed inside the same FIX session!

Information is one of the crucial components of crypto trading. NewsEdge (by AquireMedia) will provide us with real-time updates and analytics(!) about all events that might have an impact on the industry. Axon Trade will transform NewsEdge wire format into FIX protocol News message(35=B) and then stream to our clients.

Are you looking to build crypto-trading terminal or run trading desk? We get you covered with real-time normalized market data and news coming from the one reliable source.

Despite the fact, that most of the Axon Trade tech team is hard-core backend developers, we understand entirely that interactions with users are also important. Not all people enjoy black and white terminals and command line interfaces (what a shame…).

In order to provide a more human-friendly interface for the clients, we decided to improve part of the back-office application that used to perform payments in Axon Trade tokens.

The end goal is to make our clients’ life more comfortable when they are transferring Axon Trade tokens for obtained services — execution, market data, and cross-connections.

Serg Gulko tried to record a brief video from our location in Equinix NY4 data center. The idea was good but realization completely failed. The only one thing you can learn from this video is the level of noise, created by all these machines.

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